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Technical Information

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Support Information (WV Series) --> Click here opens new window

Support information(BL-C2xx/C1xx,BB-HCM7xx/HCM5xx)opens new window

  • New firmware
  • The procedure to install the G.726codec on your PC
  • Uninstalling the MPEG-4 viewer program
  • Information is about MPEG-4 image capacity
  • Network Camera SD Viewer
  • Status Information Description Page

Setup Procedure(Port Fowarding)

[ Port Forwarding ]

  • [ About Port Forwarding ]
    The following information explains how to allow you to access the camera via the internet.
  • [ Configuring your router for Port Forwarding ]
    It connects with the Internet using a broadband router.
    Port Forwarding feature translates a global IP address to a private IP address and assign a unique port no. for each Network Camera.

[ Setup ]

Cameras Conditions(Status)

[ Network Cameras Status Information ]

[ BL-WV10 (non-USA model) Status Information ]


[ BB-HCE481A Information ]

  • [ Viewing still images on your mobile phone ]
    Can I access my panasonic network camera from my mobile phone?
    The latest version of the camera firmware enables you to access your Panasonic Network Camera from compatible mobile phone. You can view still images over the Internet as well as control the motion and zoom settings of the camera (depends on model).

[ BL-WV10(non-USA model) Information ]


MPEG-4 video

  • The procedure to install the G.726 codec on your PC (Under construction)
    The audio G.726 codec must be installed on your PC to view the buffered MPEG-4 videos using Windows Media Player.

SD Memory Cards

[ SD/SDHC memory card recording ]

Sample and Demonstration(Calculator)

  • [ Calculator ]
    *Network Camera Bandwidth Calculator.
    *RecordSize Bandwidth Calculator.



  • [ (Free DDNS service) ]
    My ISP(Internet Service Provider) gives me a dynamic global IP address, not fixed IP address. So the global IP address for my network camera changes very often. How can I tell my friends what my network camera's web address is? Do I need to change my ISP?
    The Viewnetcam service allows you to create a personal web address (e.g., at which your camera's live image can be found on the Internet. With Viewnetcam, there is no need to worry about Dynamic IP addresses, or even changing Internet service providers. It's FREE of charge! Please access for more information.

Example Uses

  • [ Wireless LAN Setting "BL-C131/C121/C230" ]
    Wireless communication is possible by adjusting the settings of the wireless LAN to those for the router. Take a note of the settings and save them for reference.
  • Select and click your router model from the listed below for more information
  • [ Human Detection Sensor Confirming Operation (BL-C10/C30) ] *Confirming Sensor Operation
    [ Please refer to the following information as a guideline when confirming sensor operation during installation. Before proceeding with these instructions, please refer to the included "Getting Started" guide and confirm that the Network Camera can be viewed from a computer by completing all steps through "5. Setting up the camera".
  • [ Displaying Live Images from your Network Camera on a Web Page ]
    I want to import motion image of Network Camera to my Web page.
    Motion images can easily be imported to your Web page by using the following sample program.
    You need to have a certain level of HTML editing to use this.
  • [ Configuring your Network Camera on a Wired Network ]
    I don't understand how to install the Network Camera.
    The Network Camera can easily be installed using the included Setup CD-ROM.
  • [ Displaying Multi-Camera screen ]
    Showing examples of how to connect 2 Network Cameras on the LAN and display a Multi-Camera screen.
    I want to display a Multi-Camera screen from WAN side and LAN side.
    This configuration assumes the condition that written at Details page, it is possible to set Cam 1 for WAN side and Cam 2 for LAN side. Explain using Broadband Router.
  • [ Transferring the image via FTP ]
    Showing examples to transfer images via FTP.
    I want to open the Network Camera images to the public. But I don't want to access my Network Camera directly.
    Transfer images to a Web page directory from the Network Camera via FTP. By doing this, you can display images on your Web pages without accessing the Network Camera. When transfer images in the specified frequency in the Timer mode, the images are updated automatically.
    Transferring only still images via FTP.

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Global Home You are here:Support > containsBusiness & Professional > containsOffice Products > containsNetwork Camera